Metal Aluminum CNC technology manufacturing Cover For iPhone 12 PRO MAX mini case

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  • Using all-metal aluminum alloy, CNC technology is characterized by hardness and lightness.
  • The difference between metal mobile phone shells and other materials is that metal can shine under the action of light, showing dazzling metal color and strong metal texture.
  • Fan with bearing, wind blowing can rotate flexibly, the wheel disc composed of the bullet can be protruded to protect the fan from being scraped to the edge and angle for smooth treatment, without scraping hands, feel good.
  • It combines various mysterious elements such as  reggae and death metal to construct soul, Gothic style, heavy metal rock, punk style, modern
  • Like all abstract art, design has grasped the balance point in concretization and imaging. Complex components assemble simple but not vulgar artworks, no matter from the function, in terms of appearance and touch as well as industrial design and manufacturing process, we do our best.