Sleep Bluetooth Speaker Stereo Bass Under Pillow

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  • It can cause ear pain and uncomfortable to sleep with regular headphones.
  • Our product no-ear headphones that you can sleep with it
  • Long press the “M” button for 3-4 seconds to turn on/off
  • Quickly pairing by Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Intimate timing function button to set the timer
  • Lay on it under the pillow and enjoy the private music space
  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Ultra long-distance transmission away from night radiation
  • Shell resonance design, bed-sharing will not be disturbed
  • It is equipped with a soft microphone to achieve soft input voice effect of loud output, let couples “cross” different places, close the distance between the two sides.
  • Plays baby stories
  • It can be applied to the car Bluetooth call, safe driving without a handheld.
  • It can be stuffed into the seat pillow as a car headrest sound